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Heat Treating Parts Fixturing

We can design a fixture for any part. Send us your part, or part drawing. Below are some common designs.

Our standard "loop-pin" fixture. Holds parts with large center bores. Ideal for gears.

Our standard "record-rack" fixture. Holds round parts of varying diameters.

Our standard "record-rack" fixture. Also for holding oblong parts. Seen here non-stackable for use inside a basket.

Reversible fixture. To be used in a basket, the fixture can be flipped over to help alleviate distortion.

Interchangable support fixtures and pressure welded grids. Fixtures of different heights can be used to accomodate parts of varying lengths. The grids can be reversed to help alleviate distortion.

Base grid, post and pipe spacer fixture system. All components are removable and reversible for longevity. Grids can be placed at different heights for different size parts.


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